It is a privilege to know you…

“You have got such a positive attitude and seem to be handling this so well…” Recently, I got into a conversation with someone at the dog run. We don’t know each other, but after talking to me for a little while, she made a comment having to do with the how well I was handling […]


Ableism and being ableist

Before you read this please keep in mind: my goal is not to demonize or shame people. A lot of the ableism I have encountered since vision loss are things others with vision loss have been working to fix for generations. My ableist behaviors that I wasn’t aware of in the past can hopefully serve […]

For the love of curb cuts.

People in NYC get around on sidewalks a lot of time. We walk, take mass transit, cabs… Unlike many other places, driving can be avoided and often is. I have friends and family members who do not have a license, because they don’t need it to get around. For many with mobility issues, the lack […]


This begins with a Facebook post, I wanted to answer some questions for people I knew. All of the questions were ones I had been asked since I became visually impaired. The version below is below is edited. One year ago today, I was declared legally blind with corrective lens. Since then, I have answered […]